Crochet blanket and matching stool

Besides drawing and coloring, I have also been crocheting.

I started the cal 2015 blanket by tertia and jolanda in januari 2015 ...
march 2016 I was finally done.

Yes it took me that long!
I took a break in the summer and it was a really big project. 
Because it was crocheted in a square, the rows where getting longer and longer. 
This stopt me from crocheting for long periode of time.
 Next time Im making a blanket crocheted in rows again :P I actually started a regular one for my mom now :) 

But the result is there and I love the different stitches and the colors!
Size is about 210 cm x 210 cm.

Over the weekend when I couldn't much because of the migraine I started crocheting a stool cover in one of my leftover colors from the blanket a goregous teal.
(Aspen by Stylecraft)

The colors where very difficult to photograph but they are a lovely mix of teal, pinks and purples :)