Migraine messing with my plans!

For starters I'd like to thank my first few supporters for being excited about my digi!
Tera was one of them, and she colored up Eliza's Flower Swing beautifully :)
Check out her blog here:

So where is digi number 2?
Its on its way I promise. I have been working on it a lot last week and I was hoping to finish it this weekend...

Unfortunatly I had one of my migraine attacks and spend most of my weekend in bed.
Seriously when are those ever going away... sigh...

But anyways the new digi is close to done and I am hoping to bring it to you next weekend! Yay! I might even bring you 2 new ones if my head allows it :)

Also I stil am trying to figure out a name for my digi shop.. 
Nara's Creations is fine for my blog but not what I had in mind for the store...
Any ideas?

Hope you all had a better weekend then me! 

Thanks for reading,