Feathers - New digi

Hey all,

Today I'd like you to meet Feathers.

Feathers isn't just any girl, she has eagle wings!
This girl is inspired by the Native American culture.
I love dreamcatchers, feathers, fringed skirts and this girl represents that part of me.

I colored her in lovely earthtones in combination with turqouise.

Colors used:
Turquoise: BG49 45 10
Wings: E29 18 15 13 11
Skin: E04 11 21 00 000 R20 Lips: R22 20

Dress: E35 33 51 50

And yes this is the second digi with braided hair, what can I say I love braids. I wear my braided most of the time and I love all the different styles you can do with that. This braid would be created using 4 strands. 1 small braid and 3 regular strands :)

Now I love wings but I know there are people out there looking for a little more neutral style so she also comes without wings.

Hope you like her!

Happy coloring :)