Latest colouring projects

Today I want to share with you 2 Kit and Clowder create and learn projects May and June and 1 project that I made using all different techniques I learned over the past year following these classes.

I cant believe its be a year already! I haven't done all of them yet but I have been coloring more and more lately as a means of relaxation. I get migraines a lot and after a day of work or on my days of I like to color away my stress.

Which helps if everything goes the way I want, haha :P

Now I coloured up the May 2016 class featuring a beautiful mermaid by Janna fairy art
Colored this up in may but totally forgot to share!

I absolutly loved coloring the sky it looks so magical and I definitly am gonna try that on some other images to! The rainbow gradient was good practise combining different colors and I actually used this technique on a card for my cousin.

The June 2016 class is a romantic greek inspired piece featuring a digi called Lady and the Fountain by The Paper Shelter
I was excited to use a paper shelter image because they were the stamp company where I bought and coloured my very first digi stamp from! 
And I don't color there images often enough, while they have so many lovely ones! 

The original class color of the dress was orangy but I took the soft pink from one of the alternative color images, that image also came with purple willow trees! 
So pretty but I stuck with green for a little more contrast. 

Yet I couldnt let go of the purple willow trees. And I had been wanting to color up A beautiful Saturated Canary Stamp called Stepping Stones. 

I printed the digi and I started drawing in a background. drew in the horizon, 
two beautifull willow trees hanging in from both sides of the water, a shoreline and then some more trees at the far end of the lake/river. 

Using the techniques I'd learned from the newest class like the folds in the dress, the transparent fabric and the willow trees and techniques from some of the other classes like the water from the july 2015 class and for the shore line and the trees in the back I watched part of the april 2015 class (which I have yet to do).

I have to say I am still totally stunned that I got this idea on paper and that it turned out exactly how I imagined it!

The only problem I had was with her leg my E11 was acting up, tried to fix it but its still a bit blotchy :(

I am not listing the colors for the trees and water as these combinations actually come from the classes. Which I would really recommend everyone to take a look at!
But for the dress I used BG49/15/23/10